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Our Vision

The vision of Gateway Community Church is to be a "Church for the Community." In an effort to fulfill its vision, the church has created a community enrichment program entitled "Project PRESS". Project PRESS is the community enrichment division of Gateway Community Church. PRESS stands for People Reaching Excellence Striving and Succeeding.  Click here for more information about Gateway Community Church. 

Our Mission

Our motto is "Taking people from where they are to where they can be." Some of the programs that Gateway Community Church will sponsor through Project PRESS are:

  • Community Service Programs. These programs will be services provided to members of the community, such as job training, GED classes, adult literacy programs, and tutorials.
  • PRESS Enrichment Program. The PEP mission is "to empower students to excel in school and society." We do this by providing opportunities to learn skills that improve classroom performance and by helping them to develop "rock-solid" character.
  • Housing for trouble teens. This will be an "alternative alternative school" that will provide at-risk teens with skills to overcome troubled circumstances at home in a Christian environment. This will combine social services and educational services with the local Christian community.
  • Adopt-A-Classroom. Gateway Community Church will partner with a neighborhood school in order to form a mutual support system and provide support services (i.e. after school tutorials).
  • The Project PRESS Scholarship Fund. This fund is designated to help graduating high school students from within the local community to fulfill their goal of obtaining a college degree.
  • The Project PRESS Block Party. This event brings members of the surrounding community together, in a Christian environment, to enjoy a fun time of fellowship while providing services that are essential to the community, such as health and social services. This event is an opportunity to promote family values, unity in the neighborhood, and the pursuit of a better way of life.
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