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 You Can Be Free! 

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The button said "Don't go here," but you did anyway. You had lots of other choices on our menu, but you deliberately chose to go where you were told not to. In the midst of many "yesses," you were attracted to the one "no."

This is similar to another incident a long, long time ago. God made a wonderful paradise and gave it to Adam and Eve. They could go anywhere, do anything, enjoy the whole creation--with a single exception. One tree--the tree of the knowledge of good and evil--was off limits. However, just as you clicked on a button that said "Don't Go Here," Adam and Eve ate from the tree that was off limits. They chose to disobey God's warning.

When Adam disobeyed God, he brought sin into the world. Sin brought many terrible consequences, but the most terrible was death. Sin brought physical and spiritual death into the world and would separate mankind from God forever.

The penalty for sin is death. But Jesus Christ, the Creator, loved us so much that He left heaven, came to earth as a human being, and died on the cross to pay the penalty for our sins. Then He came back to life three days later to prove He was really God, and He is the only way to experience new life. He offers each one of us forgiveness of our sin. Jesus Christ is the only way to gain forgiveness so that we can live eternally with God in heaven.

Step 3

We must accept His gift of forgiveness, it cannot be earned.
How do we accept this gift? Believe in Jesus Christ as your Savior, the one through whom we gain access to God the Father. Your faith is all that is required.


"Ordinary people doing the extraordinary through the power of God!"

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