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Feed your faith and starve your doubts to death!

Catch Those Foxes - Part 2: Gossip

In this message from the series, "Catch Those Foxes" Pastor Rolanda Watson shows how gossip is divisive and deadly to the body of Christ. We must guard against the small fox of gossip by watching what we say and speaking words of grace.

Understanding God's Will and Responding Accordingly

Pastor Rolanda Watson explains how believers must understand God's will and respond to His will on a daily basis. She also shows how to pray for others to be in the will of God. (From the Series, "Thy Will Be Done")

The Kingdom Family - Balancing Devotion and Duty

Pastor Rolanda Watson teaches the balance of caring for yourself with that of devotion to the individuals and institutions that we love.

Deep and Wide

In this message from the series, "We Are...The Church", Pastor Rolanda T. Watson shows why spiritual growth is not automatic, but intentional and purposeful, then she provides encouragement and keys to help believers grow in their relationship with God.

How to Win in Life
In this message, Pastor Rolanda Watson talks about the importance of words and how hearing and speaking the right words can be the difference between winning and losing in life. 
Keep Your Eyes Open

We live in changing times, which is why Christians must live lives that promote God's kingdom. We must change so that institutions like marriage and the church can be what God intended for them to be! (From the series, "The Road to Change")

Lies the Devil Tells - You'll Never be Good Enough

This message shares strategies from Satan's playbook and shows how we as believers should respond to this lie.

Passing the Test of a Worshipper
Worship is not just singing a song and waving our hands, it is a way of life!  In this message by Pastor Rolanda T. Watson, you will see how to worship God with your lifestyle.
Self on the Shelf

Perhaps you have heard of "The Elf on the Shelf"...How about putting "self" on the shelf - putting your will at the mercy of God and giving yourself to be used for His glory?

Worship is a Lifestyle

In this message about worship, Pastor Rolanda Watson encourages believers to live a life of sincerity to God. She teaches that our life is to be a sacrifice to God in true devotion to Him.

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